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Adolescence is associated with all kinds of changes, so it is normal for a teenager to go through emotional ups and downs. If, on top of that, a person is facing overweight, this can add to those emotions.

Of course, not everyone who is overweight worries or resents the fact that they have a few extra pounds. Many of us know confident, happy people who are overweight and thin people who are insecure and unhappy. But because people often feel pressured to look a certain way, overweight teens are more likely to feel bad about their appearance.

If you’re upset, but you’re not sure why, it can really help to talk to someone you trust, such as a good friend, family member, or a therapist or psychologist. Talking about things that bother you can also help you find ways to address your feelings.

If you find it hard to talk about your feelings or think others won’t understand, keep a personal journal, draw a picture or do something else to help you work through or make sense of those difficult emotions. The more time you spend exploring your emotions, the more skilled you will be at dealing with them as you feel them. And that will also make it easier for you to find solutions to your problems.

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A positive mental attitude is what makes the difference when it comes to enjoying the opportunities that life gives us. Some people unknowingly focus on the bad, not realizing that the time they spend regretting is self-sabotaging.

Part of happiness has to do with basic objective and material needs, while others are related to mindset, attention management and the frequency with which we think positive thoughts.

We need to learn the new habit of a positive attitude at all times in order to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. A positive attitude improves your self-esteem and your behaviors so that you can succeed in everything you set out to do.

Positive thinking seeks the best results from the worst situations. It is always possible to find something good in everything, and hope for the best for yourself even if things look bad around you. And the great thing is that when you look for good things, you always find them. And this is something worth analyzing.

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of the 264 students who answered the pretest, 74 (28.03%) participated in the interventions and the post-test. Rosenberg self-esteem (p=0.026) and self-efficacy (p=0.001) scores after the intervention were significantly higher than those obtained before, confirming the effectiveness of the intervention.

The “Strengthening Self-Esteem” intervention was effective for improving students’ self-esteem and self-efficacy levels. Such interventions help spread knowledge and build mentally healthier individuals.

of the 264 students who responded to the pretest instruments, 74 (28.03%) participated in the interventions and the posttest. The Rosenberg self-esteem (p=0.026) and self-efficacy (p=0.001) scores after the intervention were significantly higher than those obtained before, proving the effectiveness of the intervention.

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The intervention “Strengthening Self-Esteem” was effective in improving students’ levels of self-esteem and self-efficacy. Interventions such as these help disseminate knowledge and build mentally healthier individuals.

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The main characters are loosely based on their real-life counterparts. This one, with more of exaggerated addictions being a constant for each character, along with phrases, sets up the dynamic between the characters.

Matt has a habit of keeping unnecessary items and accumulating them in his room in piles. He is also known for saying “not the face! (Not the face!)” when an object threatens to hit. Another of his well-known phrases is “Indubitably” saying “Undoubtedly” in a bad way.

There are many guest or supporting characters that make repeated appearances in the episodes, the voice of Josh Tomar “Tomamoto” Chris O’Neil, Eddie “EddEgg” Bowley, Chris “Bing” Bingham, Christopher “DIWI” Diewald, Paul ter Voorde and Dom Charbonneau ‘Hellucard’. The characters they play have a role in the series, some are used primarily as running gags, but occasionally assume positions as solo episode protagonists.

Paul (Voice of Paul Ter Voorde). He is a member of the army, apart from being recurring in the series, making some jokes or making an appearance in the form of “Easter Egg” (Secret) in some scenes. Most of the time he has a cigarette in his mouth. He wears a red sweater and a blue trench coat (this being his uniform). He is also recognized for having thick eyebrows. He is the avatar of Paul Ter Voorde, and appears recurrently in the series because his real-life counterpart was a friend of Edd Gould’s. Currently, after the death of “Edd Gould” he is the official animator of Eddsworld.