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are an emotional response inherent to the nature of men, where in both men and women occurs in the same way and is linked to a very simple matter: to seek to protect what is wanted.

People appreciate, want and love their belongings, their jobs, their friends, their partners, etc., and the idea of losing that bond or just endangering their existence, torments them with this horrible feeling.

We could well say that our jealousy, to a great extent, is then the result of our insecurity, our little capacity to develop as independent individuals, the weight of our quality as social subjects and to a certain extent, of our deep selfishness.

Sometimes, an excessive preoccupation often implies a need for control that would be more related to possession than to love. When jealousy is unhealthy, the jealous person demands and demands more and more from the other. The fear of losing their love and favor begins to be an obsessive and continuous thought.

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Marriage in Jane Austen’s novels, the central theme of Pride and Prejudice, is a major theme in all of Jane Austen’s other novels. Austen’s written works present a critical view of marriages of convenience, which were nevertheless a norm in her time, and of the silver wedding, even satirical, which she offers her protagonists as a marriage of love, a common conclusion in 18th century romantic novels and comedies of manners. But in his case, love is “reasonable”, it is more than passionate love, and, if it always comes before money, feelings and financial situation are harmoniously balanced.

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Thus, from the social point of view, the two themes of marriage and money are inextricably intertwined:[17] if a woman has no personal fortune, it is imperative that she marries a man with a comfortable income.[note 4][18] In all her novels, Jane Austen presents the psychological journey of her heroines to solve this problem in a way acceptable to their happiness and self-realization, in the background, with a realistic light on the married life of many secondary characters.[1] In her novels, Jane Austen’s novels, she presents the psychological journey of her heroines to solve this problem in an acceptable way for their happiness and self-realization, in the background, with a realistic light on the marital life of many secondary characters.[1


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